Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Wishes For My Friends, And A Look Back at 2013

*This is a note that I wrote for Facebook today, and I wanted to share it here as well:

Today is a day that I am truly enjoying.  I have chosen to be as present as I can for every moment today and to take a good look at the year that is coming to a close tonight.  For anyone who knows even the slightest about me, you will of course, know that I have a lot on my mind today....writing is my release, and the best way that I know how to share all that I can and all that I am with those in my life - both near and far.

On this day, I find that I am filled with wishes for everyone, not merely myself...tomorrow marks the start of a brand new year.  An opportunity.  A clean slate.  A chance to write a whole new chapter or two in the story of our lives....to that end, my first wish...
  • I wish for you all, courage.  The kind of quiet courage, that maybe won't get you noticed in the newspapers, but will allow you to be true to yourself.
  • I wish for you, stillness and quiet.  Stop the glorification of busy, turn the world off and just be with your thoughts.  Slow down and listen.  
  • I wish for you, accountability.  This is a huge one.  Everyone makes choices....EVERYONE.  Good people make bad choices sometimes, yes, but it is the better person who takes accountability of their own role in things.  Learn, and move forward.
  • I wish for you, love.  Yes, for others, but mostly of yourself.  When you truly love yourself, then, and only then, are you able to give love freely to others.

This year for me has been amazing.  I would not change a single thing.  Has it been all roses and sunshine?  No, it certainly hasn't, but for the first time in my life, I felt like a participant in my life, not an observer.   I want to be able to look back on my life, each year, and be able to see the chances I took...the words that I didn't keep unspoken...the lessons that I learned.

In 2013 I reconnected with me.  Jodi.  I forgot how much I liked her.
I stepped wayyyy out of my comfort zone and travelled half way across the world by myself - TWICE!  I made amazing friends, ate delicious food, danced to new music.  I swam in the warm Caribbean sea just after sunrise...I rationalized with fishermen on the beach...I stayed in a board house with no running water...I was welcomed into a family who forever changed my life, and experienced a culture that I am privileged to have been included in.
I worked hard and was rewarded for it.  I volunteered and cried with strangers.
I said good-bye to my beautiful four-legged girl, and shared that grief with all who have loved and lost furred kids of their own.
I raged and rationalized.  I drank too much rum.  I cried so many times that I thought there would be no tears left ever.  I learned just how amazing my two daughters are.  They shared their own strength and wisdom with me, and we are strong, and will be just fine.
I have reconnected with those I lost touch with...made new connections with others...and shared parts of my self with those who will appreciate and reciprocate.
I even went on a date!
I love my life.  I am grateful for everything that has happened in my life - both good and bad for it has brought me to this amazing place.
I look back on 2013 with pride and look forward to 2014 with excitement.  I intend to push my own limits, step outside of my comfort zone, and become a better version of myself.  My authentic me.  My final wish for you all is that you choose to do the same....


  1. My 2013 will be finished shortly! I have seen a tremendous change in you in the last year, even though we don't see each other often, it's quite admirable.