Thursday, January 30, 2014

My Thursday Thoughts....Brace Yourselves for This One

This week's Thinking Out Loud may be a little chaotic/psychotic/hyperbolic (just kidding on the last one...I needed another "ic" word and that's all that came to mind) in nature... for those who read my ramblings regularly, you know that I am freshly into this whole dating thing, and I'm fresh off a first date that I thought went well, but obviously I know nothing about men (see previous post regarding this topic).

This is what's occupying my mind this week...I'm including things that I'm digging and things that piss me off....that's a good mix, no?

Things that I'm digging:

 - My breakfast today....seriously, it was super yum.  Farm eggs, grilled roma tomatoes, home made guacamole all on a grilled tortilla...mmmm

  - Ok, this is more of an on-going addiction.  My lip glosses from Bath and Bodyworks.  I LOVE these things.  This is the collection that I have just in my purse!  I have more tucked away for future needs.  I have a problem, I know.  You should see my insane collection of Lip Smackers.

 - This totally great DuckTape that I purchased from Michaels yesterday.  Is it not the coolest???  I'm doing my 2014 vision board and wanted something cool for the voila!!

 - the number eleventy-seven.  If you do nothing else today, please use this at some point.  I love this.  Example: "Girls, I have told you eleventy-seven times to clean your rooms!"  ha!  Brilliant.   Its a perfect balance of silly and totally sarcastic....right up my alley.

 - One Direction.  Yes, I love them.  I am the mom of two teen girls who adore's only natural that I would love them too.  But really, I do love their music.  I've seen their movie eleventy-seven times. (see what I did there??)  I have a few of my favorite songs of theirs on my shower playlist. (come on...we all have a shower play list).

 - as an appendix of my above, specifically, I have a major thing for Harry Styles.  I can't help it.  My subconscious wants me to!!  I literally have a recurring dream that he and I are an item.  Yes, I am Mrs. Robinson.  Nice to meet you.  But he is adorable....

Now  for the things that piss me off....

- Winter.  Actually, it's not that I HATE Winter...I hate the ice and walking like my knees are tied together so I don't fall on my ass.  I hate the minus eleventy-seven wind-chill (again!!), that makes it too damn cold to even go and play in the snow.

- Stupidmenwhogetyourhopesupandwhoseemlikereallygreatguysonlytoprovetheopposite.  I am NOT a man basher and have no tolerance for women who are, but for the love of all things holy....why are some of them such .... boys?????  I have been chatting with a great guy for almost two weeks now.  We were both digging each other.  We had the first date yesterday.  It went, in my opinion, great.  Well, he practically sprinted away after without a hug, handshake or even a friendly punch on the arm.  THEN, I haven't heard a word from him since.  I texted him to say thank you for lunch - he said he enjoyed it and that is it.  My male friends are pissed that HE didn't message me first to say that - good point.  Plus, can I really be that clueless in thinking that it went well when he is thinking the opposite?  I am disappointed, yes, he was a cool guy...but more than that, I'm totally perplexed.   Can we all say....SIGNIFICANTLY DOUCHIER!!

- Doctors who think they are the shit.  I had a run-in with a doctor this week.  He was a fill-in in our local clinic.  We had never met before.  I can't decide if I like him or loathe him.  First of all, I was there to get my blood pressure prescription renewed.  I told him that I was not happy about being on it for six years already. He said that was the norm so get used to it.  Huh?  Seriously??  Then he told me that "All yoga does is stretch you out and make you look silly."  EXCUSE ME???  Am I on tv here??  Is Ashton going to come out and tell me I'm being Punk'd??  He then admitted that no, he'd never actually TRIED yoga.  Ass.  Oh then, he insinuated that if I wasn't planning on being single forever, then I need to lose weight.  I'm not even kidding here folks.  The guy was an ass to the "nth" degree.

That's all I have for this week.  It's a trip being me.  haha!!

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  1. Men are a tricky breed, and I'm pretty sure I'll never be able to figure them out. That being said, you're right -- that was a significantly douchier thing he did. And same thing goes for that doctor… what.the.eff...